S1 EP0017 - In the Vineyard with Jeff Morris

A special long-form "In the Vineyard" interview with Finger Lakes grape grower Jeff Morris. We discuss the wine growing season, and Jeff's unique personal story.


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Welcome to one of our long-form episodes of our continuing series, in the Vineyard. For today’s show, I sit down with Jeff Moriss, owner, farmer and wine Grower for Glenora Farms.  I’ve been friends with Jeff for more than a decade, and his personal background is one of the most fascinating in the finger Lakes. In today’s show, will spend time getting to know Jeff, but will also take a deep dive discussing the various vintages in the finger Lakes as well as the prospects and the outlook for 2021. Jeff is famously told me that in farming, You can either referee a hockey match or conduct a symphony, continuing that he much prefers to conduct a symphony. His winegrowing is meticulous, many of his vineyards more than 40 years old, and his grapes go into some of the highest rated finger Lakes wines.

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