S1 EP0011 - Auyon Mukharji of the Band Darlingside

Auyon Mukharji is a signer and violinist, contributing to the beautiful music produced by indie quartet, Darlingside. He has a passion for the natural world, and loves the world of fermentation.


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We talk with Auyon Mukharji, an incredible musical talent with an ear and voice for harmonies, and a virtuoso with violin and other string instruments.  He’s a member of the band Darlingside, an indie quartet out of Boston, that captivated me and the rest of my cellar crew with their album Extra Life, Fish Pond Fish, and their joint recordings with Irish singer songwriter, Henry Jamison.

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Visit Darlingside at http://www.darlingside.com/, and Bellangelo Winery and Missick Cellars at www.Bellangelo.com and www.MissickCellars.com.

Be sure to check out the band’s NPR Tine Desk Concert appearance for a great 15 minute intro to them and their music at: